Stevanato Group Inaugurates Cisterna di Latina Site


The new plant in Italy is expected to tackle the rise in biopharmaceutical material demand, specifically for GLP-1s.

Cisterna di Latina, Italy. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/

Cisterna di Latina, Italy. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/

Stevanato Group, a provider of drug containment and delivery solutions, has officially introduced its Cisterna di Latina plant in Italy.1 The site is located a few miles from the Group's plant in Latina, and covers an area of 700,000 square feet with about 200 people on staff.

In Q4 2023, the facility began commercial production. It contains advanced production lines that were created by Stevanato Group for its branded EZ-fill pre-sterilized syringes that are looking to address obstacles pertaining to growth within the European market, including in the biopharmaceuticals space with GLP-1s.

Between 2025 and 2026, as the site becomes fully operational, the company intends to involve these aforementioned EZ-fill pre-sterilized cartridges in the production process.

“We are proud to have reached this new milestone, which will allow us to strategically expand in one of the main pharmaceutical hubs in our country,” noted Franco Stevanato, executive chairman and CEO of Stevanato Group. “With the new plant in Cisterna di Latina, we are increasing production capacity, helping to reinforce the supply chain for Europe and furthering our commitment to customers, who increasingly need high-quality drug containment systems, such as our high-value solutions.”

Since 1993, via its plant at Tor Tre Ponti in Latina—which continues to be in operation with a specialization in the manufacturing bulk drug containment products—Stevanato Group has been in the Lazio pharmaceutical district. The Cisterna plant is the company’s first to have implemented high-value solutions production outside its Piombino Dese HQ. This will be followed by one in Fishers, IN.With the help of its technology, the Cisterna di Latina will aim to help its customers with supply chain optimizations and improving time to market. The pre-sterilized solutions that are created at the site will be ready for filling.

“Technological advances and continuous research are leading our customers to develop more cutting-edge specialized treatments and patient care. For this reason, it is essential to have effective and safe drug containment systems, such as our high-value solutions. By strengthening our presence in Latina, we are ready to respond to this need with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients,” added Stevanato.

Stevanato recently succeeded Franco Moro as CEO,2 who will officially step down on June 30. Moro will continue to serve on the company’s board of directors.

“On behalf of the board of directors and the company,” continued Stevanato, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Moro for his valuable contributions to Stevanato Group. Over the last five years, Franco has played a pivotal role in helping to guide the Company through the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic, expand our global industrial footprint to meet rising customer demand, and drive global standardization of our manufacturing sites to improve operational efficiencies.”


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