Talent trends report: UK pharma workforce experiencing a ‘boom'

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A 16-year data analysis uncovers huge spikes in the number of pharma technicians, pharmacists, and other roles

Pharmacy dispensers, pharmacists and and pharmaceutical technicians are just a few of the roles that the UK pharma sector leans on. Now, a new report demonstrates a spike in popularity for the sector, as the number of workers in these roles has increased.


The Trade Trends Report 2021, released by Skills Training Group, examined 16 years’ worth of data from the Office for National Statistics to evaluate the state of the UK workforce. 

In the report, it revealed a boom in the pharma industry, with predictions showing no signs of slowing down into the future, as society looks to move beyond the pandemic, providing a focus on pharmacies and their role in the UK medical system.

Pharmaceutical technicians represented the largest position increase in the 16- year period, growing from 14,300 professionals to 29,500, a jump of 106.29%. The number of pharmacists increased by almost three quarters, a rise of 72%.