TraceLink acquires Roc IT, a serialization ‘edge solutions’ provider

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Action better integrates warehouse operations into pharma traceability

TraceLink, a leading vendor of IT systems for compliance with US and international traceability mandates for pharmaceutical distribution, has acquired ROC-IT Solutions, one of a handful of IT vendors that has developed data-management software for traceability, but in managing that task at parts of the supply chain such as warehouse operations. Purchase price was not disclosed; both companies are privately held.

“By acquiring ROC IT and integrating [its EdgeTRAC solution] into its family of serialization software solutions, TraceLink now offers solutions for serialized receiving, picking, shipping, returns, deactivation, aggregation, de-aggregation, label printing, and tag management of pharmaceutical products,” says a company statement. ROC-IT has a long pedigree in pharma serialization; some of its technology originated at a company called Blue Vector, back when packaging engineers were actively considering RFID technology as the conveyor of serialization information. The guiding philosophy was to capture data at the “edge” of a location, such as when warehouse workers use barcode readers or other sensors to gather inventory data.


“This acquisition further widens our leadership position by seamlessly merging best-of-breed serialization capabilities into a comprehensive solution set that no other provider can offer,” boasts Shabbir Dahod, president & CEO, TraceLink. “As a result, we’ll be able to serve broader serialization challenges of the pharmaceutical industry as well as explore new capabilities for real-time information sharing that support the longer-term business and patient safety goals of our customers.”