TraceLink launches platform harnessing collective supply chain intelligence

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Digital supply network creation tool can enable industries to work together, company says

TraceLink Inc., a digital network platform company that works closely with the pharma supply chain, announced the availability of its new Opus platform, a digital supply network creation program that provides a low-code environment for developing multi-enterprise applications that digitalize processes between companies.

The goal of these applications is to successfully incorporate people, processes and information across various companies to simplify the supply chain decision-making process—and ease product shortages and predict any supply disruptions through insight generation and data sharing.


"There is a growing need for an open system for building and running interoperable, integrated multi-enterprise information ecosystems. The digital networks powered by Opus create the foundation for companies to build their Industry 4.0 digitalization strategies that combine customer-centric agility with the collective intelligence of an entire industry," says Shabbir Dahod, president and CEO, TraceLink. "With Opus, we are introducing an open innovation platform for the supply chain similar to the platforms that exist for CRM (customer relationship management) and agile software development, with the multi-enterprise requirements unique to supply networks."