TraceLink Updates Public on DSCSA Customer Readiness

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One billion DSCSA transaction histories were reportedly processed on the company network.

TraceLink Inc., a digital network platform company that works extensively with members of the pharma supply chain, spoke on its business growth and accelerating network adoption. With the looming Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance deadline on Nov. 27, 2023, pharma supply chain companies continue to expand digital network connections on the TraceLink network to improve supply chain performance, leveraging the serialization and track-and-trace network foundation to tackle the ongoing challenges of drug shortages.


Key highlights of the quarter include:

  • 43 new customer accounts and 90 new customer projects initiated for DSCSA compliance.
  • 3,115 network links created across 504 companies on the TraceLink network.
  • Protected 100,000 patients from drug shortages and saved pharmacies millions of dollars in revenue by predicting shortages in advance with Product Availability Intelligence solution.
  • Surpassed one billion DSCSA transaction histories processed on the TraceLink network.
  • Surpassed one million DSCSA-compliance EPCIS transactions exchanged between trading partners on the TraceLink network.

"TraceLink was vital to this role, their support, both their IT and just their knowledge of the law,” says Tyler Martinson, pharmacy manager at Sentara Health, a DSCSA compliance partner of TraceLink’s. “Laws change and rules keep coming out, and it was very helpful to have someone who was really focused on that to help explain to us what was coming down the road and what we should be aiming towards."