USP Launches R&D Lab


Featuring manufacturing technology, the new facility supports medicines supply chain resilience

Credit: USP

Credit: USP

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP), an independent, scientific nonprofit organization, is opening an advanced manufacturing technology lab in Richmond, VA, as part of its launch of various R&D analytical solutions. These analytical lab services will support the efforts of drug manufacturers seeking to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies, including pharmaceutical continuous manufacturing (PCM), as one way to help increase geographic diversity in pharmaceutical manufacturing and support medicines supply chain resilience.

The new R&D analytical solutions will consist of analytical lab services that leverage USP's in-house scientific experience and state-of-the-art facilities at the company’s advanced manufacturing technology lab in Richmond, as well as USP's headquarters facility in Rockville, MD. These capabilities will be used to characterize materials, and develop and qualify methods to help ensure the quality of medicines made with PCM.

"While presenting potential advantages, adopting new technologies comes with challenges. When it comes to PCM, not all companies have access to the expertise, resources, or capacity to develop and qualify new in-line, at-line, and off-line analytical methods required for the new manufacturing processes," says Dennis Hall, the organization's VP of advanced manufacturing technologies. "USP's analytical lab service offerings can help fill the gap, and assist manufacturers to further drive innovation, contain production costs, and optimize efficiencies in staffing and resources while facilitating market access to quality medicines made with PCM.”

Read more about the new lab here.

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