Vault introduces Covid-19 vaccination platform


Aims to replicate the logistics of on-site testing sites to create "micro-to-mega" vaccination sites

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Vault Health, a healthcare company that offers a supervised at-home and on-site saliva Covid-19 testing platform, has released an on-demand, turnkey vaccination administration tool. Vault works with state and local governments to build mass vaccination sites to provide immunizations to thousands of residents every day.

The business created a tech platform that provides analytics and patient engagement, generating a reporting process that the company says can be implemented with government health systems, and scaled a network of 3,000+ healthcare professionals available through video supervision or in-person to make Covid-19 testing widely accessible. Vault partnered with local and state governments across the US on full-service polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antigen testing programs, including with Minnesota featuring at-home, on-site and pop-up testing events.

Vault is looking to replicate the logistics of on-site Covid testing sites to create micro-to-mega vaccination sites that can help in administering the Covid-19 vaccine across the country. A statewide push could reach 30,000+ patients daily, depending on allocation. Vault is currently working with state partners to develop vaccination programs.

Jason Feldman, the company’s founder and CEO, notes that Vault has created a database of partners, ranging from the public sector to pharma. He believes that the platform has the strong potential to expand across the US.

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