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A sit-down with Groovy Singh, CEO of Bright Green Corporation, who describes the waves in the global supply chain the company is making after being authorized to grow cannabis, along with cannabis-related products.

Groovy Singh, CEO, Bright Green Corporation

Groovy Singh, CEO, Bright Green Corporation

Pharmaceutical Commerce: Could you tell me about Bright Green Corporation?

Groovy Singh: Bright Green was first incorporated in April of 2019, and first made a name for itself by becoming the largest publicly traded company to obtain Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Schedule I approval to grow, manufacture, and distribute cannabis, along with cannabis-related products. As we experienced the immense impact of that work, we formed a much broader mission to bring that same impact to individuals across a wider spectrum of medications and healthcare. That mission is really what has brought us to where we are today.

With the unique licensing we’ve been granted by the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, Bright Green is now authorized to manufacture Schedule I and Schedule II plant-based drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients domestically. Our operations are headquartered at our 1 million-plus square-foot state-of-the-art facility in Grants, NM, where we’ve overhauled our infrastructure to support our “Drugs Made in America” initiative. With our standalone ability to manufacture these drugs and APIs at scale, we have an opportunity to combat the US dependency on foreign drug imports that exists today.

PC: Given the urgent need for a US source of opium poppies and the recent DEA request for record amounts of controlled substances, how is Bright Green Corporation positioned to contribute to alleviating these current shortages? Does Bright Green currently have the capacity to cultivate and process opium poppies domestically?

Singh: Absolutely. We are well positioned to begin domestic production, with immediate capacity and capital to undergo building out a secure, climate-controlled expansion at our Grants facility to support clean production. In fact, in my opinion, we are really the only US-based company on the market with the licensing and operational infrastructure necessary to meet the rapidly multiplying demand for these drugs in the United States. In addition to our EB-5 program geared to expand job creation and available resources, we’ve invested heavily in our capabilities around research and product development in order to help expedite the domestic manufacturing process.

PC: With only two countries producing these critical pharmaceutical ingredients, everyone is vulnerable. How does Bright Green's product offerings and technologies address this state of fragility in the global supply chain beyond just opium poppies?

Singh: We have always been early adopters of new technologies at our Grants production facility, and we’ve only doubled down on that component of our operations during our recent expansion. Since our incorporation, Bright Green has acquired cannabis-related small molecules that we believe—through our research and findings—are a catapult for the development of related medications. We are actively seeking a financial interest in a well-established API business to work toward reducing the current National Security Risks, ensuring an operations model that will remain competitive and sustainable.

PC: Can you elaborate on Bright Green's plans to expand its market reach and make its products more accessible to the general public, while minding regulatory and ethical hurdles?

Singh: Regulation is a key part of our ethos, and our previous background navigating the intricacies of obtaining federal approval gives us an advantage in this area. Our founder Lynn Stockwell has demonstrated a commitment to that ethos at every turn. In addition to the EB-5 program I mentioned, our biggest initiative right now is to start establishing contracts and partnerships with federal organizations and state governments that would make Bright Green their primary supplier for these drugs and APIs. Our goal is that by establishing ourselves as a key manufacturer and supplier for federal groups, we can invest in expanding our operations further to support contracts with private organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

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