Covectra offer low-cost, easy-to-install serialization for small to medium-sized businesses


Level 1-3 serialization with a cloud-based system is up and running in a day

Covectra, one of the smaller serialization-system vendors in pharma—but one that has hung in for years with an existing installed base—is promoting its AuthentiTrack Prime for SMB solution for businesses both inside and outside pharma where unit-level serialization is called for. According to Steve Wood, president, AuthentiTrack Prime can be installed and operating within a day, while providing Level 1-3 service (broadly, from devices on a packaging line to multiple packaging steps). It is especially suited to lower-volume (around 15 units/min) packaging processes, such as are found in biotech manufacturing.

Key to the ease of startup, says Wood, is the absence of a site server—the digital system that would generate and store serialized data as packages are marked on a packaging line. Rather, a line controller interacts with the cloud-based software. (Others in the pharma serialization business stress the reliability of having a site server that communicates, in turn, with line controllers, especially for higher-volume or more demanding applications.)

Serialization is key to compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in the US, as well as similar efforts around the world. In addition to its software, Covectra can supply the machine vision systems and specify the labeling equipment for full DSCSA compliance.

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