New application streamlines serialization techniques


Product intelligence platform could help tackle supply chain issues sooner rather than later

TraceLink, a Massachusetts-based digital platform company for the life science supply chain, officially introduced Serialized Product Intelligence, a new cloud application that uses serialization data to simplify the process of managing data across companies' operations. The software provider previously set the table for this program last year after introducing its Digital Network Platform (DNP), which allows users to “rapidly design and deploy network orchestration and analytics applications, enabling patient-centric orchestration.”

According to TraceLink, biopharma companies can proactively monitor serialized operations, identify supply chain issues early, avoid costly delays and maintain timely product delivery to market. It could serve, TraceLink contends, as a first step in building a foundation for using more advanced technologies to predict and prevent critical business issues from occurring.

Serialized Product Intelligence is a fully automated, self-service analytics application, built on TraceLink's Opus DNP, which the company says is the only such platform designed to support the development of multi-enterprise business applications for the pharma industry.

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