Top 5 Conference Coverage Videos of 2023


Over the past year, Pharma Commerce’s digital coverage featured a variety of subject matters, ranging from how to calculate 340B prices, to the future of pharmacy.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/АлексейШутов.com

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/АлексейШутов.com

Pharma Commerce continuously aims to attend as many conferences in the space as time would allow for—this year, that included (but was not limited to) PAP, LogiPharma Europe and USA, Access Insights, and Trade and Channel Strategies.

Below are the top 5 conference coverage videos of the year.

5. Andrew Brownlee Discusses How Manufacturers Calculate 340B Prices

In an interview with Pharmaceutical Commerce, the Berkeley Research Group executive speaks about the role of manufacturers in 340B pricing.

Watch the full video.

4. Jenifer Smith Discusses What Men and Women Can Do to Continue Fostering Growth and Development

Jenifer Smith, senior logistics specialist with Direct Relief, offers a multitude of thoughts on the topic, including what can be done to elevate the voice of somebody being interrupted.

Watch the full video.

3. Frederic Brut Discusses Challenges to His Digital Supply Chain Vision

Frederic Brut, head of supply chain, EEMEA & APAC, MSD, comments on challenges that come with his vision of creating a digital supply chain and how he envisions the future in this regard.

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2. Niklas Adamsson Discusses Implementing Data-Derived Technology to Assist Supply Chains

Niklas Adamsson, COO of Envirotainer, describes how the use of data-derived technology can result in additional supply chain visibility.

Watch the full video.

1. Bill Roth Talks 2024 Being the Year of "Who Moved my Prescription"

Bill Roth, SVP and managing partner, Blue Fin Group, elaborates on what it means for 2024 being the year of "Who Moved my Prescription." He notes that “the old way to think about it was to stick it in wholesale and let retail just naturally pull it through.”

Watch the full video.

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