Tower Cold Chain Partners with ELPRO, Debuts Near Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring Feature


The collaboration strengthens the capabilities of Tower’s advanced passive temperature-controlled containers.

Tower’s parcel-sized KTEvolution in the 27 and 56-liter sizes. Image Credit: Tower Cold Chain

Tower’s parcel-sized KTEvolution in the 27 and 56-liter sizes. Image Credit: Tower Cold Chain

With the help of ELPRO—a provider of temperature monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical and life science industries—Tower Cold Chain has launched a new, live tracking feature.1

According to the company, this new partnership is expected to further improve Tower’s advanced passive temperature-controlled containers as a result of offering customers additional insights into their shipments during the entire transit process when choosing to rent a KTEvolution product. Tower also notes that companies who transport temperature-sensitive pharma shipments would benefit greatly from this, especially with its ability to provide end-to-end transparency.

This aforementioned live tracking option can be used for Tower’s parcel-sized KTEvolution range for both the 26-liter and 57-liter sizes. The feature provides altitude, location, shock, tilt, and internal/external temperatures monitoring.

When it comes to changes in temperature, the ELPRO logger is able to alert and notify users of any temperature deviations, which ultimately, can help prevent potential damage or spoilage to products. The logger is also equipped with near real-time, internet of things data.

“Through this collaboration with ELPRO, Tower Cold Chain strengthens its ability to safeguard the integrity of our customer’s temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products,” said James Vann, Tower Cold Chain’s product development and innovation manager. “With many pharmaceutical products requiring end-to-end security, the live tracking option will be indispensable for maintaining high levels of quality assurance, compliance, and process optimization. “Tower is committed to providing the latest innovative solutions that maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive shipments and ensure peace of mind for our customers worldwide.”


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