Overhaul Launches Software Tailored Toward Temperature-Sensitive Cargo


The company's latest service provides risk and quality management for the pharma and healthcare sectors.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Nat.com

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Nat.com

Overhaul, a supply chain visibility and risk management software company, is launching a new branded software solution.1 Known as “Cold Chain Quality Solution,” it reportedly provides risk and quality management for time and temperature-sensitive cargo, by making sure that ideal conditions are maintained throughout the supply chain for various industries, include pharma and healthcare.

The branded solution offers risk management, global visibility, and quality control to tackle the daily need for reliable cold chain logistics. Due to various supply chain disruptions, there are an estimated 20% of temperature-sensitive products being damaged during transit; the software is expected to help alleviate some of the financial losses, while also preserving patient safety within the supply chain. Further, it can be easily incorporated into other systems.

Some of the solutions main features include:

  • GDP compliance: The solution is fully compliant with good distribution practice (GDP) guidelines, allowing for the highest standards when it comes to the transportation of pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products.
  • Augmented security and intervention: Law enforcement engagement, global control tower operations, and live monitoring work to diminish spoilage and theft, among other risks.
  • Comprehensive monitoring: Real-time, multimodal visibility and shipment tracking help to provide quicker delivery confirmations, along with proactive risk management.
  • Speedy, device-agnostic IoT deployment: Overhaul’s IoT (internet of things) Assess & Deploy Solution offers device-agnostic services, allowing it to offer simpler integration with current systems, while enhancing the deployment of IoT devices.
  • Advanced temperature control: The solution is able to use advanced predictive analytics to identify and mitigate potential risks before they affect the cargo with the help of automated detailed excursion reports, quality checks using QR codes, and the use of Overhaul’s RiskGPT services,

“Overhaul’s portfolio includes nine of the top ten pharma companies globally, underscoring our dedication to the highest supply chain management standards,” said Barry Conlon, Overhaul’s CEO and founder. “Our Cold Chain Quality Solution integrates advanced technology and comprehensive monitoring features, including our global control tower operations and live monitoring. These capabilities empower clients to protect their valuable cargo and maintain supply chain integrity.”

Further, the company’s services have resulted in:

  • $1 million in savings by preventing spoilage and waste for a healthcare and nutrition products manufacturer
  • 99% perfect order delivery containing zero spoilage for a global cold chain distributor.
  • A reduction in temperature-controlled shipping costs by 30% for a vaccine distributor.
  • Yearly cost savings of over $100,000 in annual cost savings by removing manual check calls for an international pharma manufacturer.

“We share Overhaul’s vision for advancing product integrity and safety in cold chain logistics,” commented Jeffrey Beck, global quality supply chain head of Americas at Sanofi. “Overhaul’s ColdChain Quality Solution is an exciting step forward, and we are enthusiastic about the potential it holds for the industry’s future. Collaborating on such innovations can drive significant improvements in the safe and efficient delivery of temperature-sensitive products.”

Last summer, in an effort to enhance pharma supply chain visibility and risk analysis, the software company launched its Intelligence as a Service offering.2 With three levels of actionable insights right down to an individual shipment in transit, the company noted that Intelligence as a Service provides timely, accurate cargo security intelligence to protect cargo—including for the pharma industry—and stay ahead of threats. The product offers everything from weekly intelligence notes and bulletins to local crime risk assessments and law enforcement response.


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