MeadWestvaco Readies Portable Medication Packaging

Pharmaceutical CommercePharmaceutical Commerce - July/August 2009

Blister card container has consumer-friendly features

Building on some widely used types of compliance packaging such as ShellPack, which encloses a blister card in a plastic case, MeadWestvaco (Richmond, VA) is rolling out a new medication package called Med-Easy. The package combines a paperboard front with a plastic case, allowing for easy portability (or stockkeeping) for medications, because the package doesn’t crush easily, and can have an integral package insert for patient instructions.

“Consumer surveys showed that patients would like to have the convenience of a portable package, but at the same time want an environment-friendly product that is not ‘over-packaged,’” says David Spackman, a director at MWV Healthcare. “Further, the carton integrates well with conventional cartooning equipment on a packaging line, and so does not require heavy investment in new production equipment.”

Med-Easy will be introduced first in European markets, and Spackman says that the company is in discussions with both ethical and OTC product manufacturers. In the near future, it will be introduced into the US market, where child-resistant/senior-friendly features are necessary, and where the use of a calendarizing feature (to guide patients on medication regimens) could be added as a patient compliance/adherence measure.

“Above all, this package gives the brand owner flexibility in meeting different market, regulatory and economic requirements in a new and innovative way,” says Spackman. PC

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