Prescriber Access to Drug Samples in Virtual Environments


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Benefits of a hybrid promotional model

Pharma manufacturers have traditionally relied on field representatives to drive the distribution of drug samples to prescribers. Though this tactic is very successful, there has been a shift in prescriber willingness or ability to meet with field reps. Between seeing patients and meeting modern documentation requirements, doctors are becoming less accessible to pharma reps.

Covid-19 exacerbates these accessibility issues even more. Prescriber engagement strategies and relationship management tools are among the investments made by pharma to address this crisis. Field sales teams, while a productive part of the marketing strategy, now operate with reduced numbers while focusing on accessible high prescribers. Non-personal access points such as brand and enterprise websites have replaced in-person pharma rep visits for many prescribers. This strategy offers pharma companies a convenient and economically efficient solution for reaching prescribers.

Going to many different websites is a non-starter for prescribers, however, and it shows in the numbers. SymmetryRx has operated drug sample request websites at brand and enterprise levels for many manufacturers while simultaneously giving prescribers sample request access through SampleCenterTM, the only scalable multi-tenant, one-stop sample request site designed for prescribers. SampleCenterTM is a force multiplier and has demonstrated delivering 3x to 28x more sample requests than pharma websites alone. The business rules to achieve the 28x multiplier are well understood by SymmetryRx.

SampleCenterTM is positioned as an “indirect extension of the pharma rep’s reach,” allowing pharma field reps the ability to focus more on their highest skillset as a brand education and patient resource expert. It allows for the natural handoff of managing the sample request transactions for tens of thousands of eligible prescribers to SymmetryRx’s hybrid personal/non-personal sample eligibility promotion model.

This model delivers value in balancing prescriber needs for pharma representative educational services and day-to-day sample request transaction management. It offers quantitative value in the terms you use to make business decisions (i.e., cost reduction, ROI, NPV, IRR, BE, expense-to-revenue).

Common misperceptions

#1 Why would we partner with SymmetryRx if we already have a web solution? Whether using an internal portal or one custom-made by SymmetryRx, pharma manufacturers may partner with us to help generate greater utilization and further reach. SampleCenterTM is currently integrated into seven key prescriber-facing online destinations, making pharma organizations and their brands exponentially more visible and accessible.

Furthermore, the SymmetryRx marketing team focuses on driving targeted prescribers to these sites and presenting only relevant samples and resource offers in alignment with the business requirements of pharma partners. Pharma companies have complete control over sample availability through all communication channels.

Additionally, SymmetryRx is constantly developing its platform to include the latest technology like its most recent releases: 21 CFR 11 compliant authenticated eSignature and HIPAA-compliant Direct-Ship-to-Patient drug sample request capabilities. SymmetryRx has unmatched experience seamlessly integrating to allocation systems and fulfillment operations.

#2 We don’t want SampleCenterTM to interfere with the work of our field representatives. For pharma companies, field reps are still the leading driver for drug sample delivery and prescriber education. Field reps rely on the management of the sample transaction to ensure the overall success of the prescriber’s engagement with the pharma company. SampleCenterTM extends the reach of pharma reps and creates the opportunity to serve more prescribers the way they want to be served.

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